September 3, 2020 - Methods for Cellular Therapies: Tracking Cells In Vivo and Assessing Biodistribution in Patients -- What are your cells doing? Where do they go?

In this web seminar, HESI CT-TRACS* committee speakers will provide an overview of technologies currently available for use in patients, how these are relevant to evaluate safety and efficacy aspects of cellular therapies, and the importance of collaboration to address challenges and needs facing the translation of cell therapies into the clinic. The presentation will be followed by a Question and Answer Session.

*The Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) / Cell Therapy – TRAcking, Circulation, & Safety (CT-TRACS) committee provides a neutral platform for cell therapy developers, researchers, regulators, imaging specialists, and other stakeholders to interact, discuss current challenges and identify best practices to improve confidence in the safety and efficacy of these therapies.




July 17, 2020 - Cell Therapy GTP and GMP Facilities: Design and Operation to Optimize Space to Meet Manufacturing Needs


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