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>>>Please note that PACT is no longer accepting any new applications for regulatory, clinical, or translational services.<<<

PACT has stopped accepting applications for regulatory service requests after December 4, 2020.

PACT stopped accepting applications for clinical and translational service requests after May 1, 2020. Scope applications had to be submitted by April 27, 2020 to allow time for NHLBI scope review and applicant submission of the full application.



The current NHLBI PACT program is funded through June 30, 2021.

Please contact the PACT Coordinating Center, The Emmes Corporation, at if you need assistance with your current application or have any additional questions.



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PACT Information Materials

The following documents provide information on the PACT services offered, a listing of major cell product manufacturing capabilities at PACT facilities.

PACT Application Materials

The following documents provide information on the criteria that NHLBI will take into consideration when performing the initial scope review as well as evaluating the full RSA review (full review for Translational or Clinical RSAs only).

You can reference the PACT Application System Users Guide for questions on how to complete initial registration and how to navigate within the application system. You may contact for technical assistance with submitting your application.

Translational Development or Clinical Services Requests

Request for Services Applications (RSAs) for either translational development or clinical manufacturing will be accepted. Applications for clinical manufacturing or translational development services will undergo a two-part review process. A partial application (Scope) is initially submitted for program scope review, which NHLBI will conduct and either approve or not approve for a Full application submission. Full applications are reviewed in parallel by both NHLBI and an independent scientific review board.

Application Process Overview for Clinical and Translational RSAs


Regulatory Service Requests

Requests for Regulatory Services will be accepted. These regulatory services are provided separately by the PACT Coordinating Center and are considered supplemental to regulatory services provided by the PACT CPF for approved combination RSA. Regulatory services-only requests will only undergo scope review by NHLBI. If approved, the PACT Coordinating Center will contact the applicant to discuss the regulatory services being requested prior to commencing services.

More information on PACT regulatory services provided can be found here: About PACT > PACT Services > PACT supported Regulatory Services.

Application Process Overview for Regulatory-only RSAs

Combination Service Requests

Requests for regulatory services in combination with translational development or clinical manufacturing services requests will also be accepted. For combination RSAs (Clinical/Regulatory OR Translational/Regulatory RSAs), the translational or clinical component of the RSA will undergo the two-part review process described above in parallel with NHLBI's review of the regulatory component of the RSA. Both components of the combination RSA will be reviewed and will be individually approved or not approved.