Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is a critical step in process development and has become a common practice among the PACT cell processing facilities (CPF) and investigators utilizing PACT services. It provides a mechanism to exchange ideas and enhance skills to further along cell therapy product development. Collaboration between the investigator and the PACT CPF facilitates the improvement of technical standards (i.e. assays, procedures, and reference standards), product design characterization, manufacture and the standardization of protocols, operating procedures, and processes for several cell types to streamline the translation of cell based therapies. PACT is aware of the need to protect the proprietary interests of academic/industry partners without compromising fundamental principles. PACT will provide product manufacturing and translational services to investigators, at different stages of development where related information may be considered confidential and/or proprietary. Confidentiality and intellectual property considerations are reviewed and discussed with approved investigators at the contract negotiation stage.

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